Porsche Paint 60ml

1 off : 60ml of colour matched paint, supplied in a Glass Bottle. This has been pre-thinned ready for Airbrushing.

For further information on using Zero Colour Matched Paints please read the Zero Paints F.A.Q. here

Note : 2 coat colours (Orange Pearl 12S/12T) are supplied as 30ml Groundcoat and 30ml Basecoat. U.O.S.

Please Note: Custom Colour Matched Paints can add an extra 2-3 days to the order processing time.

Our standard list of Porsche Paints are :

Acid Green 2M8
Agate Grey 0P1
Agate Grey Metallic M7S
Arctic Silver Metallic (GT3) 92T/92U
Arena Red Metallic 84R/84S
Atlas Grey M7X
Aventurine Green Pearl 39R
Black 741/747
Black Metallic 738
Blue Turquoise 3AR/3AS
Blue Turquoise Metallic 25D
BlutenGelb (1974) 139
Carbon Gray M9Z
Carmon Red Metallic M3W
Carrara White B9A
Cobalt Blue Metallic 37U
Conda Green (1970) 222
Dark Blue Metallic M5X
Dark Olive Metallic M6X
Dunkelrot (Metallic) (1970) 021
Fayence Yellow 1C1
Forest Green Metallic 22E
Gelbgreun (1974) 137
Glacier White 3AT/3AU
Gold (Metallic) (1970) 144
Grand Prix White (1973) 908
Green (GT3 RS) Solid 2D8
GT Silver Metallic Y90
Guards Red 80K
Impulse Red Metallic 8M5
Ipanema Blau 3S2
Iris Blue Pearl 39N/39V
Jet Green Z6H
Karinrot (1974) 009
Lagoon Green Metallic M6W
Lapis Blue Metallic M5W
Lavender Blue 38W

Lime Gold 5P1
Luxor Beige Metallic M1T
Mexico Blue (1973) 336
Midnight Blue Pearl 37W
Mint Green (1990) 22R
Night Blue Metallic 39C
Nordic Gold M2Z
Ocean Blue Metallic 3AY/3AZ
Olive (1970) 414
Orange (1970) 156
Orange (GT3 RS) Solid 8C6
Orange Pearl 12S/12T
Palladium Metallic C1Y
Pastel Blau (1970) 321
Pastel Yellow 12L/12M
Polar Silver Metallic 92M
Pure Blue M5B
Racing Yellow 1S1
Rhodium Silver Metallic M7U
Riviera Blue 39E
Sand Yellow M1C
Sapphire Blue M5J
Seal Grey Metallic 6b4-6b5
Signal Green
Signal Orange (1970) 116
Slate Grey Metallic 22D
Slate Metallic 23F
Speed Green 25H
Speed Yellow 12G
Speedwaygruen 258
Turkis (1970) 340
Turquoise Green (Metallic) 25C
Vaillant Gruen
Venetian Blue 35U
Viper Green (Metallic) (1973) 249
Viper Green (Solid) (1972) 225
White C9A
Zenith Blue Metallic 3AX/3AW
Zitronengelb (1970) 115

We can mix any other paint listed our colour database, to check if we can mix your required colour please follow the instructions below

The brand of paints we use is Lechler, if the colour is listed in their online colour database, we can mix it, if not we can't.
To check please login here: http://explorer.lechler.it/ using following :

Username: admin@zero-paints.co.uk Password: zeropaints

Please Note : The example below shows the typical information we require to find and mix the paint.

Car Manufacture - Honda (required)
Colour Code - YR536P (required)
Colour Name - New Imola Orange (required)
Approx Year of Manufacture - 2002

Please copy and paste this into the comments box at the checkout and complete.

Failure to supply suitable details can delay the dispatch of the order.
Searching Google can help with finding manufactures paint codes.