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Application Guides and Material Safety Data Sheets

File Type Size


2MB Basecoat Paint Application Guide (ZP-1000)
2MB Guide d'Application de Peinture en Français (ZP-1000)
1.8MB Diamond 2K Clearcoat System Application Guide (ZP-3035)
105kb Safety working with Isocyanate  (ZP-3035)
380kb Materials Safety Data Sheet - 2K Diamond Clearcoat  (ZP-3035)
335kb Materials Safety Data Sheet - 2K Hardener  (ZP-3035)
410kb Materials Safety Data Sheet - Basecoat Thinners (ZP-5102, ZP-5114)
306kb Materials Safety Data Sheet - Basecoat Colours (ZP-1000 range)
104kb Materials Safety Data Sheet - Pre Thinned Clearcoat (ZP-3002 - ZP-3003)
443kb SAMPLE Shipper’s Declaration For Dangerous Goods 










All our paint are classified as Dangeous Goods for shipping, this is the data Shipping Companies will require along with the MSDS forms above

UN Proper Shipping Name Class or Division (Subsidary Risk)Class or Division (Subsidary Risk) Packing Group Packing Type Packing Inst.
1236 Paint or Paint Related Materials 3 III Fiberboard Box Y344