Semi-Gloss (Satin) 2 Pack Clearcoat 100ml (2K Urethane)

Semi-Gloss (Satin) 2 Pack Clearcoat 100ml (2K Urethane)

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Brand: Zero Paints
Zero Paints

Part No: ZP-3031

Semi-Gloss (Satin) 2 Pack Clearcoat for use on various models requiring a semi-gloss protective finish.

Contents :

  • 100ml Semi-Gloss clearcoat (Medium Solid)  also known as Urethane or Polyurethane
  • 25ml Hardener
  • 60ml Thinners

All products are supplied in glass bottles

Mixing Ratio : 100 Parts Clear + 25 Parts Hardener + 30 Parts Thinner.
(e.g. 50ml Clear, 12.5ml Clear + 15ml Thinners)
Drying Times : Air Drying  at 20oC, Dust Free 30 Mins, Tack Free : 10-12 Hours, Thoroughly Dry : 24 Hours.

This Clearcoat is safe over all major brands of Decals
Tamiya, Fujimi, Aoshima, Studio 27, Cartograf, Scale Motorsport etc.
Please remember to apply a few mist coats over the decals before the wet coats